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Sustainability Governance

We have improved our Governance to safeguard and disseminate ESG principles

Through a Governance system, based on important organisational safeguards, we are able to build and pursue an integrated corporate strategy which looks beyond business results to human, social, relational and environmental capital.


As part of the Group's broader scope of ESG activities, our Division has identified a Sustainability Manager who is tasked with the overall and integrated supervision of ESG initiatives within our companies and who liaises with the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's initiatives.


Within the Committee, a "Sustainability (ESG)" session was set up, which meets at least quarterly to identify sustainability issues and define strategic initiatives, assessing their financial feasibility and impact.


To ensure proper management of ESG issues in product factories as well, Fideuram Asset Management SGR has set up a dedicated structure, namely "ESG & Strategic Activism", which reports directly to the company's Managing Director/General Manager, with several tasks: integrating ESG metrics (criteria for the measurement of environmental, social and governance performance) into the financial analysis of the products managed by the product factories, assessing the sustainability profiles of the products distributed and managed by third parties, managing products focused on sustainability and overseeing corporate governance and engagement activities with respect to issuers.

We promote an ESG culture, starting with our Personal Financial Advisers.

Our customers' interest in sustainable investments is growing constantly: in this irreversible evolutionary process, the role of our Personal Financial Advisers is key, as they are ready to listen to and address customers' needs, helping them gain an understanding of the rationale behind an ESG investment and its value points.

Training highly qualified professionals, who identify with ESG values, has become a priority for us in order to disseminate a financial culture that is mindful of sustainability criteria and provide a quality service level.

For this reason, we have already developed several training courses on the subject in collaboration with prestigious Italian universities and ad hoc training sessions by leveraging the experience of leading international asset management companies.

This includes the introduction of the role of ESG Ambassador currently held by a group of 34 Private Bankers who were selected, for a first pilot phase, from among the 6,000 members of the Fideuram and Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking networks, on the basis of their focus on ESG issues.

ESG Ambassadors are called to promote the culture of sustainability in their respective territories. They have a dual purpose: to disseminate ESG issues and sustainable behaviours and to listen to the needs of customers and other Private Bankers.

With the introduction of the figure of the ESG Ambassador, the Division aims to further accelerate the process of disseminating sustainable guidelines and policies not only internally but also towards customers and the territory in general.